About Saint Nicholas Church

The people of St. Nicholas Church celebrate God's love by sharing the Eucharist as a family. Nourished by Christ, we respond to His call to love and serve each other and the world. Aware of our shortcomings, we nevertheless strive to grow in our love of God and to spread God's word of hope.

St Nicholas the Wonderworker Parish is Melkite, an Eastern (Greek) Catholic Parish, founded in Rochester in 1925 by immigrants from the Near East. They wished to worship God in a manner that they were familiar with, and believed that the sacraments, practices, and traditions that they followed, had a purpose and relevance in their new homeland. Our original church was located on the North side of Rochester, on Remington Street. In the year 2000, we relocated to a suburban site in the Town of Gates.

Today our parish is a community of about 90 households with a Church, Parish House and Picnic Grounds located on a spacious campus at 1492 Spencerport Road, just East of Elmgrove Road. We seek to be true to the Orthodox Christian traditions of both the Antiochian and Byzantine Churches, founded by the Apostles. Since 1724, the Melkite Church has restored its communion with the Roman Catholic Church as well. We are part of the Melkite Greek Catholic Eparchy in the United States, headed by our Metropolitan Archbishop Cyril Bustros from Newton, Massachusetts.

Our community observes the Eastern liturgical calendar, and has scheduled worship on Sunday mornings and Vespers and scripture studies on Tuesday evenings. Our Sunday Divine Liturgy is designed to assist the people of God to communicate with the the three persons of the Holy Trinity. We praise God, ask for His merciful forgiveness, proclaim our faith in Him, listen to His word through Scriptural Readings and participate in Christ’s Sacrifice through Communion. Visitors are often struck by the active participation of all of the community in the process of worship. The entire congregation chants most prayers and responses. Our liturgies are primarily recited in English, but some prayers are also sung in Greek and Arabic, earlier liturgical languages of our Church.

The purpose of our Church is to hand down the revealed truth of the Creator, of Jesus's life and instruction, and of the active role of the Holy Spirit. We seek to give God's people knowledge of salvation by the forgiveness of their sins. We are both ancient in tradition and relevant for modern times, in that we encourage a relationship with God through prayer and fasting and charity, in accordance with the example of the Holy Apostles. As St. John tells us in Revelations, "Behold, He makes all things new!." Please consider renewing your life with us.